Indian Food Festival, 2010

Asha for education, Munich chapter organized “Indian Food festival” on August 21, 2010 in EineWelt Haus, Munich. As the Indian cuisines are internationally relished, so this event was about the delicious Indian cuisines blended with mesmerizing live Brass band performance and enthusiasm of the Asha volunteers.

This fund raising event not only surfaced the management qualities, but also put forth the hidden creative character amongst us. It was amazing so see the volunteers innovative ideas transforming the simple hall into colorful Indian festive place.

The guests enjoyed the spicy Indian food with the rocking Brass Music performance. Sarah Sadacharam (Asha-Munich Volunteer and the Event coordinator for the food festival) band’s enthusiastic performance enthralled the atmosphere. The Brass band performance was highly appreciated and their music attracted many toddlers to come to the stage and dance on the rocking beats.

Another specialty of this event was the “Rakhi and Hand made jewellry” stall. An Indian couple from US, offered the hand-made rakhi and jewellry stall for fund raising. It was amazing to see beautiful hand-made earrings, necklaces and rakhi, which further illuminated the environment.

This fund raising event was not only to thank our guest for their support to Asha’s initiatives, but also work together to unravel the creative artist amongst ourselves and meet new people with nobel visions.