Asha at Munich Marathon 2013

Run a mile for a child’s smile!

On behalf of Asha Munich, several volunteers and members ran the Munich Marathon in October 2013. Prakash Rao, Priyanka Sahasrabudhe, Yuijn Kim, Arathi Balijepalli, Felix Korts and Jidnyasa Joshi ran the 10km stretch while Kartikay Agarwal and Swati Barve ran the whole 42km stretch. Our ground volunteers cheered the runners and celebrated their achievement by cooking delicious food after the run. It was a day full of activity and fun!

The marathon was also an excellent-team building and fund-raising event. To benefit from the charity option of Munich marathon, members of Asha Munich team as well as non-member volunteers created their online fundraiser pages and appealed to several companies in and around Munich for support. The same appeal was also extended on personal basis to friends and colleagues.

To our great satisfaction, many benevolent donors generously opened their wallets for our noble cause. Thanks to the support of Wirecard GmbH (donation of 1500 Euros) and private donors, we collected a whopping sum of 6350Euros. These donations now allow us to bring forth new initiatives. Had it not been for our generous supporters, working towards our goal would have been largely unrealized. Our sincere thanks to all donors and supporters for helping us nurture the smiles on young faces and letting us show them dreams of better tomorrow!Our runners aptly proved that this run was about the efforts and we will continue with these!!

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