Pt. Rajeev Taranath
"Rajeev Taranath is making music that moves sublimely from brooding introspection to climaxes of breathtaking excitement."

New Classic/Online World Music Magazine, 2003

"Rajeev Taranath's sarod improvisations mixed the spiritual and the spirited...the raga began with introspective meditation and proceeded into an exuberant rhythmic celebration."
- Edward Rothstein, New York Times

Pandit Taranath

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Virtuoso performer Rajeev Taranath is one of India's top classical instrumentalists and one of its leading exponents of the sarod, the richly resonant and lyrical relative of the lute. His performances are noted for masterful, nuanced classicism matched with passion, masterful technical skill and emotional depth.  Distinguished as a sarodist by the discipline with which he develops the melodic patterns and a texturally rich and vibrant tone, Rajeev Taranath's performances reveal the tremendous scope of the tradition. He is the recipient of India's highest government award in the arts in 1999-2000  for outstanding achievement in Hindustani instrumental music and many other awards and honours. He has received critical acclaim with stellar reviews in the Indian and international press from performances at prestigious music conferences and cultural institutions. Rajeev Taranath frequently performs and tours throughout India and internationally. More information about the artist can be found at

Excerpt from the CD liner notes from Goldenhorn Records release “Rasarang”:

Rajeev Taranath has said, "I will just close my eyes, listen to the mood and absorb what is going on around me and the music will come." This master
musician's performances demonstrate how the inspiration for a Raga, the
main building block of any concert of Indian classical music and “that which gives color," weaves technicality with a fire of emotion, connecting player to audience. Not just a scale or melodic mode, a raga is a complex system of exploring melody, following certain rules of ornamentation and intonation, and expressing a unique emotional color. He says of the classical Indian approach to unfolding a melody,   "Playing a raga, to a musician, then, means being aware of these rules, creating music while playing the notes to open up different vistas, some already traversed, some not yet, all the time abiding strictly to given rules. The musician is not unlike a mathematician who sets up problems with different levels of difficulty and sets about solving them with precision and clarity." Taranath's description of musician as mathematician betrays the depth and range of emotion revealed through his sarod. India's Phoenix newspaper praises him stating, "Rajeev's music comes through as a constant dialectic between deep classical rigor and an irrepressible emotional intensity." Taranath best describes his musicianship by quoting T.S. Eliot, "You are the music while it lasts."