20 Percent Reservation Clause in Delhi

The background of this project lies in the stipulation of Delhi Government, that private schools who had obtained land at a very nominal rate from the government, have to enroll children from economically underprivileged class into their schools. Therefore, 20 percent of the seats in such schools should be reserved for the children from economically underprivileged class.

Project Plan :

Parivartan, an NGO based in Delhi, initially enrolled children living in Seemapuri area into private schools and found that these children did extremely well in the school. Hence it was proposed by Asha Delhi to expand the program to other areas of the city. In line with this goal, Asha Delhi identifies supervisors who help in identifying children for enrollment in those private schools which come under the 20 percent reservation rule. These supervisors then work with the school authorities for enrollment of the identified children. Parivartan constantly directs the supervisors and provides help for dealing with Public authorities. The supervisors are also trained through workshops conducted by Parivartan. Further information and project details can be found here.

Reasons for Requested Funds :

Funds are required to pay the salary of the supervisors hired to identify and assist children to get into schools for regular studies.

Broadly speaking the supervisors perform the following activities:

  • Documentation work
  • Enrolling children
  • Monitoring their progress
  • Interacting with the government officers to get the program implemented
  • Interacting with the school to get the children enrolled.

Hence the funds are also required for covering the operational cost of the project like transportation, stationary etc. 

Quantitative Details:

Funds transfered till 2012 € 2200
Funds transfered till 2006 € 2800
Funds transfered in 2007 NIL
Location New Delhi