Aasara Seva Sansthan

Aasra Seva Sansthan, a non-registered organization has taken an initiative to help the marginalized sections of the society in getting basic education. The initiative also focuses on imparting vocational training together with the formal education so that the unemployment of the region can be reduced.

Project Plan :

Asha Munich supports Asra Sewa Sansthan in its initiative to bring education to the children  of musahar community in the village near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.  The aim is to facilitate the social progress of the Musahar community in Varanasi by providing access to education. At present this community is deprived even of basic education. On top of this,  Musahar community members become addicted to various intoxicants from childhood itself.  Hence educational programs to help the community become free of intoxicants are also planned. Further information information and project details can be found here.

Aasra Seva Sansthan

Reasons for Requested Funds :


Asha Munich has agreed to provide funding for running expenditure for this initiative. This includes cost incurred for studying material, black board, chalk and some furniture. This support is given for a period of one year and would be extended based on the feedback received at the end of the year. Additionally, funding is provided for training of teachers and for purchasing materials like  sewing machine and cloth, to make the project self sustaining in nature. 

Quantitative Details:

Funds transfered till 2006 € 1470
Funds transfered in 2007 NIL
Location Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh