Ankur Vidyamandir, Pune

Since its inception in 1988, Ankur Vidyamandir, an inclusive school has strived to provide equal opportunities in education to children with different mental and physical abilities as well as diverse backgrounds. A few years back, they extended this paradigm to socially disadvantaged children. They enroll children from nearby slums, mostly first generation learners and take over the responsibility of not only the child’s education but also their overall development into healthy, confident individuals. This involves tuition, sports, field trips and vocational activities.

Every child is provided with uniforms, shoes, books, bag and two square meals a day along with transport facilities to and from their homes. Ankur Vidyamandir is confident that providing sustained educational inputs and basic needs dramatically changes the lives of these children and makes them excellent citizens of this country.

Further information and project details can be found here.

Reasons for Requested Funds :


Ankur Vidyamandir currently enrolls 50 new children every year. They require financial support in the form of sponsors for every child's education which will include uniforms, school calendar, books and stationery, bag, transport, field trips and picnics and meals.

Basic Requirements:
•     School stationary
•     School uniforms
•     Food Program


Current Status:

In 2010, Asha Munich has committed to support 5 children at €500 per child for a period of three years which may be extended.

Funds transfered in 2010 € 2500
Funds to be transfered in 2011 € 2500
Location Pune, Maharashtra