Siragu Montessori School , Chennai

Siragu Montessori school is a project established under the aegis of Suyam Charitable Trust located near IAF Avadi, Chennai in June 2003. It is a non-profit initiative designed to rehabilitate and mainstream children of the lowest socio-economic strata, in and around Chennai. These children are normally forced to a life of begging, scavenging and working in brick kilns in order to contribute to the meager family income. Siragu school provides not only basic education to these children but also an encouraging environment to enable independent expression

Project Plan :

The school is currently till ninth standard and reaching the 10th year of schooling would allow them to apply for ICSE recognition with the Govt. of India. This would not only ensure good education quality in the school but will also allow the school to obtain regular funds from the central government in India thereby making it self-sustaining.

Apart from basic education, the school also provides food to all its students and residential facilities for some of its students. Further information and project details can be found here.

Reasons for Requested Funds :


The Siragu School currently has 400+ students and continued requests for new admissions. The minimal school infrastructure has been achieved by several one-time donations from different sources. However, the school requires consistent financial support to pay the salaries of teachers, run the food program, administrative costs of the school and build necessary infrastructure for ICSE approval (and subsequent government funding).

Basic Requirements:
•     School stationary
•     Tuition teacher salaries
•     Food Program


Current Status:

Funds required in 2013-2014 € 3745
Funds required in 2012-2013 € 5000
Funds required in 2011-2012 € 5000
Funds transfered in 2011 € 1300
Funds transfered in 2010 € 4500
Funds transfered in 2009 € 3800
Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu