Tapovan Education Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable and educational public institution involved in the advancement of education, training and vocational guidance in various fields.  Furthermore the vision of this education foundation is as follows:

  • To take quality education to the weaker economic sections of the society.
  • To bring all the children of age 5-14 working as the child labor, beggar or house servants to the school with special attention to the girl child.
  • To impart the kind of education that gives them a broad vision of life and creates a sense of belongingness with the whole world.
  • To spread Smile, Education, Self Reliance, and Self Esteem to every one who has been deprived from it.

Project Plan :

In pursuit of its vision, Tapovan Education Foundation runs charitable non formal schools known as Sri Sri Tapovan Vidya Mandir to address the educational and developmental needs of  the children belonging to weaker economic sections that are not availing any formal schooling.

These Vidya Mandirs facilitate the development and growth of a child’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual faculties by imparting quality education in a child friendly way and to help them realize their talents and potentials so that they lead a happy and meaningful life. Further information and project details can be found here.


Sri Sri Tapovan Vidya Mandirs are non formal, primary level schools run in temporary sheds right there in the community, from where the children belong. The schools run for 4 hours daily Mon-Sat at any convenient shift (morning or evening) as per the requirement of the community (like working children can come only in the evening shift). When a child completes his/her standard 4/5 studies (that is as per the NCERT guidelines), he/she is aided to get admission in a nearby govt./ school or some vocational training course as per the child’s case.

Reasons for Requested Funds :


The monthly contribution of Rs 30 is applicable for all the school children at all the locations. This amount is used to meet the school and organization’s running expenses (like printing, stationary, postage, Black boards, registers, chalks, sports goods, toys, Examinations, picnics, awards etc) and to further the cause of education.

Quantitative Details:

Funds transfered till 2006 € 6900
Funds transfered in 2007 NIL
Location Indirapuram, Gaziabad