Vivekanand Rerurgance Foundation

Vivekananda Resurgence Foundation (VRF) is trying to serve the interests of neglected section of the society, particularly the children of unskilled and semi-skilled labourers who are living in unhygienic slums.

Project Plan :

VRF on December 1st, 2002 started a preparatory school in one the Jhuggi (slums) Clusters (C-35, Satsang Colony, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi-110052) with around 40 students.

With this preparatory school, VRF intends to prepare the slum children for admission to neighbourhood Municipality schools, so that they get into the mainstream of the education. Usually, the parents of these slum children prefer to keep them at home to look after smaller brethren, as both the parents go to job. Since this preparatory school is in their residential complex, parents find it profitable to send their children to this school. Further information and project details can be found here.

VRF has been successful in achieving their first milestone as they have convinced the guardians to send around 20 students of the preparatory school to Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) schools and till to-day there is no drop out.

Reasons for Requested Funds :


The preparatory school is located in a slum in a small room paying annual rent of around Rs 2400. As the demand is growing and guardians are finding such schools beneficial to them, it has become very difficult to accommodate more students. Hence presently the funds are required to rent a new room for the extension of the school. Additionally since VRF has been successful in their pilot project we aim to provide them with additionally monetary help to keep the momentum of the project^


Quantitative Details:

Funds transferred in 2013 € 2125
Funds transferred in 2012 € 2200
Funds transferred in 2011 € 1115
Funds transferred in 2010 € 1800
Funds transfered in 2008 € 1900
Funds transfered in 2007 € 850
Funds transfered till 2006 € 600
Location New Delhi, India