South Indian Food Festival 2005

Das südindische Food Festival fand am 20. November 2005 in München statt. Dabei wurden Spendengelder für unsere Projekte gesammelt.

Wir möchten allen dafür danken, daß Sie so großes Interesse an den Aktivitäten von Asha-for-hope in München gezeigt haben und für die Teilnahme am südindischen Food Festival. Wir beziehen auch alle Freiwilligen und Mitglieder in unseren Dank ein, die wochenlang für den Erfolg der Veranstaltung gearbeitet haben, inklusive der Köche, die herausragende Arbeit geleistet haben.


Wir wünschen uns in der Zukunft ähnliche Events veranstalten zu können. Ihre nachhaltige Unterstützung gibt uns die Motivation, an unserem guten Zweck weiterzuarbeiten, nochmal vielen Dank an alle für die überwältigende Rückmeldung.

Post Event Comments

Thanks for organising the wonderful event. We had a wonderful enjoyable Sunday afternoon. We sincerely appreciate and applaud the hard work put in by you and your team. Please convey our Thanks and Appreciation to the whole team. Please keep us informed of future events.
- Christopher and Madhu

First - the event was really nice. I think you guys did a great job and for a good cause. Unfortunately I could not attend the function for good amount of time. But I am looking forward to the next event. Last but not least - Food was EXCELLENT. From my experience I know what it takes to pull an event of this. I think it was really nice. And Tarun bhaiya you were really active - good to see you. Maybe we should sometime. Let me know.
- Sumeet

Hi Archana,
It was a great day, the food was fantastic and we all had lots of fun. Well done to you and everyone at Asha for all your hard work. Keep it up!!!

- Jude

Yesterday's event was excellent. Nice place, good food and very well organised. Keep up the good work and keep repeating it.
My best regards to you and Asha Team.
- Rajesh

many many thanks for such a fantastic arrangement and my wife sibani we enjoyed a was fabulous.... we would like to participate in similar type of events and also would like to do some volunteer job..... so kindly pls let us know whenever there is any programme in near future... once again thanking you and your team for organising such a nice programme.
Soumendra Sathpathy

The food was excellent and programs were entertaining. We enjoyed it. Thank you for organizing such an event.
Best regards
Vasu & Bharathi

Hello friends.
Event was good. Congratulations. But food was excellent. but a litlle expensive.